The Best Free Torrent Client 2017

Short Bytes: By looking at the Mac OS X torrent clients for ease of use and features, less annoying advertising and no toolbar attached, we came up with a list of the best programs. Transmission is the go-to torrent client for Mac users, and is funded by donations rather than adware, meaning the interface is relatively clean and users don’t need to worry about annoying adverts or browser toolbars being installed at the same time.

It lost our recommendation for a while when it began bundling in some unwelcome extensions and setting Yahoo as the default search engine, but we’re pleased to say that if that put you off in the past, don’t worry – uTorrent is now free of all of that.

You can go ahead and download this excellent Torrent downloading and streaming client for Mac. Using software tools like BTSeedInflator, these abusers will make their torrents look like 10,000 or more users are sharing it. This situation is not helped by the inclusion of ads in the free version, or by the fact that you need to be careful during installation if you do not want to also install a load of crapware.

The latest version is 7.6 which has a well-received user interface, easy to use controls, and good integration with Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, though we only used it with Windows. Unless you can run the same torrent on both Windows and Mac over separate internet connections in real-time, there isn’t anything you can prove as the current state of the torrent can impose a big impact on your speeds.

As for the benefits, the program is of a compact size, it automatically downloads torrents from RSS, and it lets you create your own torrents. We also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms.