Review of Hi-Res Headphones with grapheme

Listened to the upgraded overhead headphones Xiaomi . Now – with a graphene diaphragm of the speakers. Throw out your Beats by Dr.Dre!

The first version of Mi Headphones was criticized by everyone. Xiaomi listened and concluded. Now these are closed headphones with a rich sound and a minimal set of delivery. It is a pity that the gold.

Engineering refinements

There are a lot of differences from the first version. The accessory received a closed acoustic design. Perforation on the outside surface – decor.


Basic, medium-sized ambyushur became denser and provide higher sound insulation. There are no others in the kit.

Instead of the silvered diaphragm of the dynamics, a thin membrane made using graphene isused (unfortunately, the details are unknown).

Now Headphones review website  have received the Hi-Res certificate and are able to reproduce sound up to 40 kHz with sensitivity up to 107 dB. So – the official recommendation of the holders of the trademark of these headphones for listening to music in lossless formats (without compression).

Gold over the skin – design for Chinese youth

Mi Headphones are developed by the American company 1More, widely known for its quality non-standard audio solutions. The appearance of the headset is not inferior to the more famous brethren:

  • headband and ambyushura of soft ekoKozhi with bright firmware;
  • blued metal parts;
  • anodized aluminum as the main material of the cups.

Stop. Inserts on the headband, cups, plug, console – all visible metal parts are coated with gold color. Strong, not scratching, not peeling – but golden !
And there are no other design options. After a while, the color ceases to strike the eye, but a similar accessory Meizu has a more pleasing appearance .

Everything that is not covered by the skin is hidden by plastic with a matte coating. In addition to cups, of course – they must provide strength, and are made of a single piece of metal .

The cable is removable, with a thick, strong Teflon braid to the console (after separation – silicone). Cable connection is separate. The correct connection is marked with the color of the plugs, which coincides with the color of the connectors.

Equipment min, ergonomics max

The headset is positioned as a portable solution, forming inward. Not the most compact option, but it provides reliable protection of the inside of the headphones.

A tight case with a pile coating is provided for storage. Mi Headphones are placed in it only after full minimization of the dimensions: first you need to slide into the place of the cup, then remove the cable, and only after that the cover will allow to remove the headphones to the right place.

The cups were originally made with a small bevel inside to parallel the radiators to the auricle. The attachment to the headband additionally provides a rotation of -5 / + 30 degrees .

The headband is flexible within the reasonable: it expands exactly as much as it is needed. The memory effect is missing – you can transfer it to another.

Despite the excellent clinging of the auricles, soundproofing ambushshur – transportation is audible (without music, of course).

Planting the headset will suit both the child and the large man. But the headband can be harsh.

Separate connection of the cups is more reliable than a single cable. But it is inconvenient – like the remote that hangs on the chest. If you get used to the console headset near the ear, it will be difficult to learn.

I am glad that the wire does not freeze and there is no memory effect. With this thickness, it would be an unpleasant surprise.

Using Mi Headphones for a long time is more pleasant. From the head they do not fall during the movement, they sit tight.