Have I Committed Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is not allowed in universities and schools. It is also not tolerated in places outside academic institutions like the internet for example, where most information is available in published forms. Plagiarism is defined to be the act of using the information or ideas of other people and not acknowledging these people properly. For this definition, you already know that not only things like money and luxury goods can get stolen because intangible things like ideas and information can also get stolen.

Now, the most important thing that you should always keep in mind about plagiarism is to always avoid it yourself. No matter how tempted you are to use the information provided by other authors without acknowledging them, you should control yourself. Otherwise, you will get punished. Using the free plagiarism checker is perhaps one of the most effective tools against plagiarism. In addition, you also have to keep in mind the things that you can do that will always be considered as plagiarism. So if you are asking the question, have I committed plagiarism? Then read more below to find out.

plagiarism checker tool

Stealing an Entire Written Piece

A lot of written pieces are available offline and online. Offline, published written pieces can be found on libraries, book stores, and even newspaper stands. Online, published written pieces can be found on journal sites, information websites, and even social media sites. Some people tend to copy such written pieces entirely then pass it as their assignment or written project. Such an act is plagiarism, specifically word per word plagiarism. So if you do the same, then you are committing plagiarism. You can get heavy punishments for it.

Failure to Acknowledge

Plagiarism does not only occur when a written piece if copied entirely. It can also occur when parts of a text are copied without acknowledging the author of those written pieces. So for instance, if you copy a phrase or a sentence from a written piece then use that in your text without acknowledging the author, then you are committing plagiarism. So make sure to use proper citations so that you will be able to acknowledge the original author or pieces where you have borrowed important and useful information from. Otherwise, you can receive the very serious punishments for committing plagiarism, which are very serious.

To avoid plagiarism, you should take note of the various ways that can help you avoid it. For instance, there are a lot of writing tools that you can use while writing so that you will be able to avoid plagiarism. In addition, you can also use of a special tool called the free plagiarism checker that will help you identify the percentage originality of a work that you are writing.