G90 Dash Cam Review

The G90 dashboard camera changed into released in 2014 with the aid of the chinese language agency Shenzhen Dome technology. just like the Mini 0803, this dash digicam is one of the first to apply the Ambarella A7 processors. There are actually three variations of this digicam on the market.

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G90 (additionally called the Blackview BL950) – primarily based at the Ambarella A7LA30 and OV4689 CMOS.
G90A – based totally on the Ambarella A7LA50 and OV4689 CMOS
G90C (now and again known as G90-7S) – based at the Ambarella A7LA70 and OV4689 CMOS
in view that there are three exceptional A7 chipsets used on this digital camera, a not unusual question is what are the variations. Recording resolution and some greater functions are the primary differences.

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A7LA30 information at 1920x1080p @ 30fps
A7LA50 statistics at 2560x1080p @ 30fps or 2304x1296p @ 30fps. It additionally helps ahead Collision warning gadget and Lane Departure caution machine
A7LA70 records at 1920x1080p @ 60fps or 2560x1080p @ 30fps or 2304x1296p @ 30fps. It also supports forward Collision caution machine and Lane Departure caution system
The A7LA70 and OV4689 hardware mixture is one of the higher / more capable combinations available for sprint cams in 2014. even as the difference in video quality is not dramatically distinctive among the A7LA30 and the A7LA70, A7LA70 does a touch higher process in shooting a few details when recording. The video fine for the duration of the day is very good and at night time it is right. overall effects are higher than the cameras walking the famous NT96650 chipset and AR0300 CMOS sensor. the only complaint on video first-class is some movement blurring in low mild conditions.

also given that this chipset is newer, firmware isn’t as mature as some other ones. within the first 6 months the camera has been available, some of updated firmware variations had been released. Video excellent has improved over this time. Bit charge for the G90 generally tiers among 15Mbps and 18Mbps relying on firmware.

The G90 is to be had without GPS or with an external GPS receiver (plugs into the AV socket on top of the unit). however the hardware of the two versions is slightly one of a kind. subsequently you cannot add a GPS module to a non-GPS G90. The digicam is small but now not tiny with dimensions of 86mm x 52mm x 38mm. It additionally comes with a 2.7″ liquid crystal display display.

We would like to thank our discussion board participants reverend and Sunny for doing targeted critiques of the A7LA30 version. way to our contributors Sunny and Hilts who’ve done opinions of the A7LA70 version as nicely.

G90 models

The G90 is bought under an expansion of names

Lingdu T268
Blackview BL950
Flexiti FX214
Pago M7
Carcam C6000A

Dewarp function

Many sprint cams with wide attitude lens create barrel distortion within the recordings. One feature of the Ambarella A7 chipsets is a “dewarp function” which removes this distortion. In practice, this option works well as illustrated inside the following 2 pics. The GT680W (pinnacle) with out dewarp characteristic primarily based on NT96650 has barrel distortion at the same time as the G90 (bottom) does not

Out of cognizance

some proprietors have indicated that their G90 models have a blurry, out of cognizance picture. This turned into specially evident when the digital camera heats up. One solution is to disassemble the camera to manually adjust the point of interest which improves overall performance somewhat.

Shenzhen Dome has indicated that they’ll be using a “excessive temperature resistance lens base” to clear up this problem as of October 2014. you may examine more about this problem at the discussion board.

should I buy?

The inexpensive G90 A7LA30 is a excellent price for approximately $70. It has higher video fine than many of the lower priced cameras that are regularly based totally at the NT96650 chipset and AR0330 CMOS. For $30 more than a G1WH, you are becoming higher video great, a smaller digital camera and higher build first-rate. if you are not on a totally strict price range, the G90 A7LA30 is a superb preference.

That stated, the shape aspect isn’t always the finest whilst as compared to cameras like the Mobius or the B40. basic this digital camera is good cost for the money aside from the bad first-class mount supplied.

The extra high priced G90 A7LA70 is slightly better than the G90 A7LA30 but sells for about $30 more but usually comes with external GPS. in case you are seeking out 1080p / 60fps, this is one of the few cameras which could record at this resolution with an inexpensive $one hundred charge tag. general, each cameras are pretty accurate for the money assuming reliability is maintained.