Data Security Tips for Your Small Business

Most small business owners have little idea on the subject of data security, let alone implementing and putting in place effective data security measures. Although, the U.S government is working on passing stricter penalties related to e-crime, a little caution combined with some technical knowledge can go a long way in protecting your invaluable data. The following set of tips will facilitate you in understanding and implementing effective data security measures.

Organize your data:

In the business world, it is a known fact that all types of organizations have sensitive data, regardless of their size or nature of business. Data such as financial reports, HR biographical data and customer related information is considered sensitive, and therefore, should be protected with fool-proof measures.

Take Control of your data:

Once you have identified susceptible data, you need to control access to it. Always remember this rule: never give out employees complete and unadulterated access to receptive data, this includes networking employees and top management employees. All too often small businesses become victim to data theft originating from within the organization – meaning someone working in the organization had stolen the data.

Monitor Mobile Devices:

It is likely that most of your employees are bringing their own devices to work such as tablets and smartphones – a trend known as Bring your own device (BYOD). Consequently, it is also likely that your employees are connected to the company’s wireless network. If that is the case, you need to control access of mobile devices on your company’s network with the various network security tools available for commercial businesses. Alternatively, if your organization cannot afford to setup network security tools, then you can simply put in place strict policies regarding mobile data connectivity at the workplace.

Utilize the cloud server:

Despite all the negative remarks you probably heard in the past about cloud security, today cloud storage is more dependable and secure than storing data on site. Not only do cloud services provide superior encryption of data, but you also eliminate the risk of employees trying to physically steal your company’s server in a bid to extract sensitive data.